Tuesday, February 15, 2011


by Jan Shoop

Today - Tuesday, February 15
Rutherford B. Hayes – 19th President
In 1879, President Hayes signed a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the United States Supreme Court.
Theodore Roosevelt – 26th President
In 1903, the first teddy bear goes on sale. The bear was designed by Morris Michtom and named after President Theodore Roosevelt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt – 32nd President
In 1933, a mentally ill, unemployed brick layer fired six rounds at Franklin D. Roosevelt in Miami. Five people were hit, including the mayor of Chicago who later died. FDR was not injured.

Wednesday, February 16
James Monroe – 5th President
In 1786, future President James Monroe married Elizabeth Kortright.

Thursday, February 17
Thomas Jefferson – 3rd President
In 1801, Thomas Jefferson was elected President of the United States.

Friday, February 18
Can you find a great fact about a President on this day? We couldn’t.
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Saturday, February 19
Franklin D. Roosevelt – 32nd President
In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. The controversial order forced Japanese immigrants and their descendents, whether they were U.S. citizens or not, into detention camps.

Sunday, February 20
George Washington – 1st President
In 1792, President George Washington signed legislation that created the United States Postal Service.

Presdents’ Day – Monday, February 21
John Quincy Adams – 6th President
In 1848, President John Quincy Adams suffered a stroke and died two days later.

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