Sunday, October 28, 2012

When things go wrong…

Two years ago, my mom (Lois) and I started our blog Kids Without Stuff, which eventually became Inspirational Path. We’ve posted over 400 articles and built up a loyal following of readers and fans. However, towards the end of September we stopped posting, primarily due to the demands of my new job and the fact that mom wasn’t feeling real well.

Then on October 2, mom’s not feeling well ended up with her in the hospital and during the next 4 days she was diagnosed with ovarian and abdominal cancer, not good news, thus, the title of this article, “When things go wrong…”

I was visiting with mom yesterday and in her eternally positive voice she said, “I think I’m going to write about my journey with cancer.” I thought about her words for a long moment and said, “Let’s write about your journey in our blog.” Mom thought it was a great idea. And so, a new journey has begun, down a different and bumpy path, but hopefully for some an inspirational one.

We won’t be writing daily like we have in the past, but plan to post weekly. Our posts will include mom’s journey, fight and wisdom and my thoughts and feelings. Please take a moment to enjoy our posts and when you feel it’s right, share the articles with others who are fighting their own battles with cancer or other life threatening illnesses.

Thanks to all of our readers, fans and supporters.

Jan Shoop and Lois Jamieson