Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reflections on Belong

by Jan Shoop
Today’s Reflections post is on the word belong.

The Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines belong as:
1.  be the property of
2.  be a member of
3.  be rightly put into a particular position or category
4.  feel at ease in a particular place or situation

Everyone has the need to belong to a group, family, community or club. When we are young we belong to the group that is our family. As we grow and start school, we belong to one or more groups of friends. Possibly we belong to clubs or sports teams. Once we start working, depending on our circumstances, we belong to business groups, professional organizations and networking groups. Facebook is a group that you might belong to. Belonging is one of the most basic and important needs in society. People who do not feel they belong become alienated and feel insecure. There are times through life that we may choose the wrong group to belong to through gangs, affiliations and jobs. What are your thoughts on the meaning and importance of the word belong?

How important is belonging to you?
Have you ever had a negative experience belonging to group?
Do you have a particular group that you belong to?
Thoughts?   Feelings?   Comments?