Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Courtesy

by Lois Jamieson
Last week while driving home from the Manners Matter Club, I decided to spend my thirty-minute drive looking for courtesy boo-boos.

I only found five.

The first four drivers forgot to use their turn signals.

Are turn signals a thing of the past?

Don’t most cars have turn signals?

I started driving sixty some years ago, when all we had were hand signals. Most everyone used them. I liked them –  it was a good way to dry my fingernail polish, to check the weather and to wave a friendly hello to other drivers.

I encountered the fifth discourteous driver when I was almost home.  

I was driving on a 45mph speed limit street. I came up on a car traveling at what I judged to be 30mph. I couldn’t pass the car, so I had to crawl along at 15mph below the speed limit. 

Not only do I find this annoying, I also find it dangerous.

Later that evening, after enjoying Chinese food , I read my fortune cookie.  The fortune said, “A little courtesy will go a long way.”