Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reflections on Faith

by Jan Shoop

When you make the decision to start blogging or complete any other writing goal, for that matter, it takes a lot of faith. Last December, my mom and I decided to write, Kids Without Stuff. We had been discussing the project for years and had written a few chapters, but never really moved forward to finish the book. We didn’t have faith.

In the process of mapping out our goals for Kids Without Stuff, we decided to start a blog. The blog would be the platform for our book. We had no idea how to write a blog, set one up, monitor it or post an article. Creating the blog took faith on both our parts.

When you write a blog, you need faith to believe someone will want to read the posts. Faith that your writing will be interesting, inspirational or humorous. Faith that you’ll always have ideas to write about. As I said -- starting a blog takes a lot of faith.

So -- we started our blog and our book with a little faith and a lot of laughs.

Every Tuesday afternoon mom and I meet for lunch. We discuss our blog. Where is it going? What topics will we write about for the upcoming week? What ideas worked and what didn’t? And we laugh and have fun.

Yesterday we needed a photo for mom’s post. We got in her car and drove down the street. She stopped at the corner and I jumped out of the car with my camera ready. Mom stuck her hand and head out of the car window imitating the use of hand signals. I took photos of her and then jumped back in the car. I’d say that was faith in action. We laughed all the way back to the house.

Faith pulls you a long when you don’t know what to write. Faith pulls you along when you post an article and you’re not sure how good it is. Faith pulls you along when you spend hours writing an article, post it and only a few fans read it.

I’m glad we had the faith to start the blog and finish our book. The blog continues to grow. We’re busy writing our book. And, we continue to have faith.

I think all of us have faith. The question is whether we decide to use it or not.

May you always have faith!
Have a blessed and joy filled Easter.

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