Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Etiquette and Manners: Cell Phone BOO-BOOS

by Lois Jamieson
Cell phone etiquette has been a popular topic. Yet, some people continue to have bad manners when it comes to talking on their cell phone.

I was standing in a Starbucks line recently thinking about my order, a grande iced sugar-free vanilla latte and maybe an iced scone to go with the latte. The young woman in front of me had her cell phone glued to her ear. She had been talking since entering the store. Even when it was her turn to order, she continued to talk while she somehow or other, maybe with hand signals, gave her order. She totally ignored the person serving her. No smile or, “How are you today?” It was as if there was no one else there, just her cell phone and her conversation.

How unmannerly.
How rude.

Here are some simple rules to follow and remember:

1.      Turn off your phone before entering a movie theater, restaurant or concert hall.
2.      Talking loudly while shopping in the grocery store or while walking down the street can make you look ridiculous.
3.      If you must make a call in any of these venues, go outside.

And lastly:
There are people out there who have listening devices and can tune in to your cell phone calls. Keep your conversation innocent. Don’t give out private information to a third party.
(This information is paraphrased from Sue Fox, author of Etiquette For Dummies.)

Practicing good manners isn’t hard –
be kind and think of others.

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