Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers of Today - Mothers of Yesterday

by Lois Jamieson
I firmly believe that mothers of my generation had an easier time with the many expectations and commitments put upon them than the young mothers of today. In ‘my day’, most mothers didn’t work outside the home.

Mothers didn’t have to juggle their schedules to spend quality time with their children. Sure, we chauffeured our kids and their friends around to sporting events and school concerts, as do mothers today. Somehow, it didn’t seem as hectic. We were able to be classroom mothers, Girl Scout leaders and to chair fund raising events. We had the time to teach our children proper manners and to bake cookies with them. We saw that the family sat down to a meal together.

I’m not saying that today’s Moms aren’t doing the same thing. So many mothers in today’s world balance all of the above with demanding careers. Today’s hectic pace has to be more wearing than yesteryear’s leisurely pace.

Regardless of the generation, mothers then and now try to do the very best to be caregivers, confidants and disciplinarians. We all work to pass on traditions and legacies of who we are to our children.