Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Special Moments with Kids Without Stuff – The Boys

by Lois Jamieson
There is a Taco Bell Restaurant a short walk from the StarShine School.  I sometimes pop in for a taco or two. A very special moment occurred one day when I was walking back to school. StarShine is located in an at-risk neighborhood with a high crime rate. I’ve never felt apprehensive volunteering at the school, but I am careful. I am especially careful during the walk between the school and the Taco Bell.
I finished my quick lunch and decided to stroll back to the school through several parking lots. Just as I got to the second lot, I noticed car turning in. I could see there were two guys in it. They were heading my way. While I was deciding if I should run or scream, the car pulled up beside me and the windows came rolling down.
To my great relief, I heard a familiar voice saying, “Hi, Mrs. Jamieson.”
In the car were two StarShine high school boys who had graduated the year before. They saw me and just wanted to say hello. We had a great chat right there in the parking lot. These two young men were good high school students. They always found time to talk to me or help in the library. After our conversation, I smiled to myself as I walked back to the school.
What a privilege to have these special moments with kids without stuff.
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