Friday, May 27, 2011

An Unusual Donation

by Jan Shoop
I was sitting in my office working on a report with Anita when Dory came to the door. Dory said we had received a donation. Being a non-profit school, we receive many unusual donations. This donation happened to be a piano, a spectacular piano. The only safe place for the piano was in my office. So -- we stopped our work and made room.

A group of students, who were on recess, gathered around my door as the men delivered the piano. It was a beautiful piano. The piano was a 1903 Straube upright with elaborate carvings on the front. The bench seat covered with a lovely needlepoint design.

After the delivery, several students and I just stood there admiring the magnificent piano. One of the students said, “Mrs. Shoop, do you know the piano song where two people play?” I do not play the piano, but I did know the song he was talking asking about. The song is titled, Heart and Soul. Here is a Youtube link to listen to the song. Heart and Soul 

Austin, Omar and the Magnificent Piano
I told the student, “Yes, I know the song.” He asked if I would teach it to the two of them.

The three of us sat down on the piano bench and I proceeded to teach the boys how to play Heart and Soul. We each had a part. We practiced and played for about 15 minutes. We had a wonderful time. Then their recess was over and the two boys went back to class.

As a Principal, your day is filled with many tasks, some fun and some not. Whenever I have the opportunity to enjoy a fun task and spend some quality time teaching students, I do. It’s one of the best parts of my job.

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