Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Gift of Volunteering - The Teeny Tiny Mouse

by Lois Jamieson
A few years ago, I asked my good friend Mary Wehrenberg if she would volunteer a few hours at StarShine. Mary and her granddaughter had written two charming little books entitled, “The Teeny Tiny Mouse I  and II.  I asked her if she would bring her books and read them to the kindergarten class.

She graciously accepted my invitation and on the appointed day arrived at the school, but had forgotten her books.  She looked stunned and asked me if I had any suggestions. I knew the children would love this white-haired grandmotherly woman with or without her books. I told her to just talk to the children.

We arrived at the kindergarten room and she sat in front of the class and spoke to them. After awhile, I leaned over to her and said, “Mary, I bet you could tell the story of the Teeny Tiny Mouse verbatim, try it.”   She asked the children, teacher and me to close our eyes and proceeded to recite the books. I confess to peeking at the children and could see that they were enthralled.

Mary had such a good time at StarShine that she returned to the school just before Halloween. We both dressed like witches, with high pointed hats and purple hair. As witches, we had the kindergarten class in stitches.  Mary and I have had many laughs about our experiences with the kindergarten children.

What a wonderful gift Mary gave to these deserving small children.
That’s what volunteers do – every day.

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