Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Gift of Volunteering - Tony

by Lois Jamieson
Tony is one of my favorite volunteers and also a very special friend. He is a member of my church and a bright spot in our Sunday morning Bible study class. Tony owns his own business, and is married with two sons. Yet, Tony has always found time to help the kids at StarShine. His many gifts have touched the lives of students of all ages.
 A few years ago, he and his older son, Anthony, started a chess club for the students. Not only did they provide their expertise and time, they also brought the supplies. The children loved learning chess. One third grade student excelled over all of the older students and sometimes played chess over the telephone with Anthony.
One day I was sitting beside Tony at a volunteer appreciation breakfast. I noticed he kept looking up at the cafeteria ceiling. I finally asked him what he was looking at. His answer was, “The lighting in this room is terrible. I’m going to check out the classroom lighting. Kids can’t learn with lighting like this.” Two weeks later, after hours of research on Tony’s part, every classroom had the latest and best in classroom lighting.
Tony has helped in the library by providing much-needed bookshelves. He gave some amazing books, from his own library, to a high school student who had an interest in ships. He provided wonderful textured paper for a second grader who wanted to write a book and who loved the feel of fine paper. The joy on the face of that wheelchair bound little boy was priceless.
Tony is truly a gift to StarShine.

If you'd like to read more about the StarShine Chess Club go to: Chess Anyone

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