Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Manners and Kids Without Stuff

by Lois Jamieson
If you would like to see a good example of children who practice the art of etiquette you have only to visit StarShine Academy.  Now I doubt if any of the kids would think this is what they do, but I guarantee you it is.
 I have hardly ever met a student there who wasn’t polite and respectful to their elders.  They meet visitors as graciously as children from more affluent family situations.  They look directly at a person when introducing themselves, as they shake hands and say “Welcome to StarShine.”
I’ve been involved with these students for six years, ages five to eighteen or nineteen, and have always received a “thank you” from them. They don’t all know how to set a nice table or have tea at the Ritz Carlton like the Manners Matter girls and the Fashion/Etiquette Club girls.  That’s because they haven’t had the opportunity to learn that side of etiquette. They are expected to show every-day good manners and they do.
I hope someday all of you will have a chance to meet these great students. You would be impressed and delighted, and perhaps even learn something from them. They are an inspiration for all of us.   
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