Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thank God for Volunteers

by Lois Jamieson
When I first started my volunteer ministry at StarShine Academy, I didn’t realize I would find myself involved with finding other volunteers. Soon after I started volunteering at the school, I realized it would be very beneficial if my church, St. Barnabas in the Desert, became involved. A year later, SarShine became an outreach ministry at St. B’s. 
Along the way, I decided to locate parishioners who would not only visit the school, but donate their time to help the children. It has been such a pleasure getting to know these volunteers and seeing just what a difference they make for the children. Those initial volunteers led to other volunteers who are not members of St. Barnabas, but who were willing to come and volunteer at the school, too. All of the volunteers have been dedicated to the school and the students. Some of the volunteers drove thirty minutes or more, giving up part of their day once or twice a week.
Here’s a list of what these amazing volunteers brought to StarShine:
Tutors for elementary students         
Mentors for high school Students
Share their expertise in math and art
Teach finance classes
Assist with the Manners Matter Club and Fashion Club
Added a chess club to the after school program
Spent hours working in the library and building bookcases
Improved the lighting in every classroom
Donated computers, paper and handy man hours
Provided new countertops in the student restrooms
Provided new clothing for the school children
And -- they have donated financially to the well being of the students.
I would like to thank all the StarShine volunteers for their dedication, time and wonderful talents: 
Tony          Ian          Helen          Gail          Carol          Mary          Nancy          Bob          Kathe          Anne     Mary Ella          Jim K.          Barb          Gene          Davette          Linda          Marilyn          Laura          Pat          Mary Lou          Erika          Susie          Elizabeth          Jim J. and many other volunteers
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