Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teaching Your Children Good Manners

Dear Parents,
Jan has given you many suggestions about your child’s education. She writes a blog called Simple Parent Tips. I would like to add my thoughts on the importance of teaching your children proper etiquette.
Children learn from example. Children watch their parents and then generally mimic what they see. The spotlight is on you. Take a moment and think about how your good or poor manners might reflect on them.  When I tell people I teach two etiquette classes at StarShine they often respond by saying, “What a great idea, my kids could have used something like this.”  Proper etiquette doesn’t have to begin with a class outside the home. It can be taught and reinforced at home with very young children.
A good place to start is at the table. Using your napkin correctly and not resting your arms or elbows on the table sets a good example. Remember your kids are watching what you do.
When your children show courtesy to others be sure to acknowledge it. This reinforces all that you have been teaching them.
The best time to correct your children’s bad manners is to address the bad manners as they happen.
Teaching your child good hygiene leads to good manners.
The point of teaching good manners to your children is to build their self esteem and self confidence.
I recommend a charming little book called Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf. It is written to be read to very young children. I guarantee they will love the book and will learn about good manners at the same time.
by Lois Jamieson
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