Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to Be Happy

Today we are starting a new series for our Kids Without Stuff blog titled, “How to Be Happy.” The posts will be based on the StarShine Guiding Principles and will reflect how I support and motivate the students and teachers at StarShine. At the StarShine Schools, most of the students enrolled because they were not happy or successful at their previous school. I believe that an important part of my job, as Superintendent of the StarShine Schools, is to not only provide a strong academic framework for the students and teachers, but to ensure that everyone is happy, motivated and successful.

So -- here are some tips for How to Be Happy:
1.)    Start the morning happy - Before getting out of bed, think about five things you are grateful for.
2.)    Smile - It’s pretty hard to smile, and not be happy.
3.)    Shake hands – Shaking hands promotes contact with others and forces you to smile which in turn will make you happy.
4.)    Stay organized – Organized people are happier than disorganized people. The more messy your room, house or car is the less happy you will be.
5.)    Get enough sleep – Many people don’t get enough sleep. Try getting 8 hours of sleep each night and see what happens.
6.)    Exercise – Exercising and staying in shape will give you a better attitude about yourself and thus will help you to become happier.
7.)    Enjoy friends – Your friends are a reflection of you. Sharing in the joys of your friends brings compassion and happiness into your life.
8.)    Get out of debt - Money problems are the number one ‘downer’ to keep you from being happy and causing stress. Stressful people are not happy.
9.)    End the day happy – Before you fall asleep at night jot down three things that you felt happy about that day.

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