Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Apple for the Teacher

Seven years ago, when Jan asked me to be the StarShine volunteer librarian, I told her that I wasn’t a qualified librarian.

Her answer to me was, “Mom, you love kids, you love books, you are a librarian.”  That was the beginning of a volunteer experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Since then I have taken care of the many donated books, both new and used, in the StarShine library.

Once again, this my 7th year, will find me back in the library and reading to the lower grades. The library operates on a trust system. The kids check out books by signing their name and the name of the book. We’ve only lost one book. The book was “Go Dog Go” and it was the first book I read to the kindergarten. I suspect that I may have misplaced it.  

The funniest book I ever read, to the 4th grade I believe, was Louis Sachar’s, “Sideways Stories From Wayside School.” I laughed as hard as the kids did while reading it. It is about a very mean teacher who turned the students into apples when she thought they misbehaved. By the end of the story the students were turned back into real kids and the teacher became an apple. The punch line was when the school janitor put her in his pocket and she was never seen again.

On the day I finished the story, I presented all the kids with shiny, small, red apples. We still laugh when we remember that story. I plan to read it again to a new group of 4th graders this year.

Jan was right, I am a librarian and I love it.

by Lois Jamieson

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