Thursday, November 17, 2011


Over the years of teaching the High School Girls’ Fashion and Etiquette Club at StarShine Academy, I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know many wonderful young ladies.

It was especially rewarding to see how well they met the social obligations of the club when most of them came from troubled homes. I always tried not to have favorites, but now and then one of the girls would stand out.

Carla is certainly one of those.

A dark haired beauty with lovely eyes and maturity beyond her years, she never missed a meeting and was a born leader. Carla was an outstanding art student and excelled in making vision and fashion posters. I remember so well, her organizational skills when we had our Gourmet Cupcake sale.

Carla had as many other students at StarShine, a difficult home life. I was saddened when, before the end of her third year in the club, she moved to California with her family. We all missed her and her siblings who also attended the school. I hoped and prayed for her success and happiness in her new environment.

Just last week I had a happy surprise. I received an email saying that Carla wanted to be my friend on Facebook.  I wrote a note to her, thanking her for thinking of me, and telling Carla I missed her. Back came a lovely comment thanking me. Carl told me that she had graduated from high school and other highlights of her life.

What a lovely gift Carla gave to me.

By Lois Jamieson

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