Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr. Dan, Plum Tea, and Hugs

On Wednesdays, I read to Mr. Dan’s Kindergarten class at StarShine Academy. It is such a pleasure to sit in a circle and look at the wonderful little faces. The children all wear colorful uniform t-shirts. I have been known to refer to them as jellybeans. (see the post - Jelly Beans

Last Wednesday, after I finished the story, the students applauded and a small voice from the back said, “Can we hug you?” Of course, I said, “Yes.” The kindergarten students, more or less, lined up and one by one gave me mighty hugs that almost knocked me off my chair.

These children are so very special and they are privileged to have the best kindergarten teacher in the universe. His diverse children always excel. He teaches them wonderful little songs to sing for the many visitors who come to StarShine.  The children all know how to look you in the eye, shake hands and introduce themselves.

Before I left the classroom, Mr. Dan presented me with a cup of delicious plum tea from his collection of specialty coffees and teas. He concocts these wonderful beverages and sells them around the world. 

What more could you want than the gift of smiling young faces, hugs and a cup of delicious hot tea on a cold morning.  I can’t wait until my next reading visit to the kindergarten class.

By Lois Jamieson

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