Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lift Up America and StarShine

On Saturday, January 28 the StarShine, students had an opportunity to be part of Lift Up America held at Grand Canyon University. Lift Up America is, “a compassionate movement of individuals and corporations that provides hope and opportunities for success to the less fortunate and empowers them to lift up their own communities.” The event from 10:00 until 12:00 included a warm welcome and outstanding, heartwarming, motivational speakers.

Catherine Anaya, CBS 5 News Anchor and Jude LaCava, Fox 10 Sports Anchor spoke about their challenges in life and asked students to be ‘Ambassadors of Compassion’.

Henry Cejudo, the 2008 Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist, spoke about dedication to achieving goals and how to take a stand against negative influences.

Kenny Dobbs, a world class Basketball Dunker, spoke about forgiveness.

John O’Leary,  who was burned over 100% of his body at age 9,  spoke about forgiveness and about turning your life into  something bigger.

Our students truly enjoyed the morning, but even more so they enjoyed the bus ride from StarShine to Grand Canyon University, about a 30-minute ride. Lift Up America provided a very fancy bus for us. The bus had a bathroom in the back, microphone and movies. The students had never ridden in a bus quite like this bus. The bus driver, David Abel with Divine Transportation, was a kind gentleman who even stopped by one family’s house to pick them up when their car would not start. I am sure the students who attended would have been very happy to ride around in the bus all day.

Thank you Lift Up America for a great, motivational morning and for a wonderful bus ride.

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