Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The StarShine Children’s Library is Dedicated

Work on the young students’ new library at StarShine is finished – except for one new plaque on the wall. The plaque will read, “The St. Barnabas Children’s Library.”

I am so proud of the support, my church St. Barnabas On The Desert, has given the school over the past 5 years. In a few weeks we plan to have the library blessed and then we will welcome the children for a tour. 

Without the hard work and suggestions of two St. Barnabas volunteers, Helen and Pat, this would not have happened. Every week they both came to help me unpack books and to do all that was necessary to turn two empty rooms into a charming children’s library. One room filled with books and the other with a large window and colorful chairs for the kindergarten through 5th grade children. We call the second room, “The Book Nook Reading Room.”

My history as volunteer librarian covers 7 years and it certainly has had its ups and downs. (See Library A La Carte). When the school moved to the new property on 35th Street and McDowell, I was over whelmed when Jan told me I would have not one, but two libraries.  My cup runneth over!

Our next project is to set up and decorate the middle school and high school students’ library.  When we return from Spring Break, Helen, Pat and I will be working every week on that.  

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