Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Monday and Egg Salad Week

April 9th is a Day to Remember

First and foremost, at least for Jan and me, it is my husband’s and her father’s 83rd birthday. It is also Easter Monday, and lest we forget, it is the week to celebrate egg salad. I am not kidding, check it out with Jan.

During the past week, called Holy Week in the church, many special days were recognized. Usually, there are special services on both Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday offers Stations of the Cross in many liturgical churches. Thursday is called Maundy Thursday and some churches offer a Seder Supper, foot washing and stripping of the sanctuary of all ornamentation. Then comes Good Friday, with rather bleak services of remembrance, held during the day and evening.  A Saturday evening service is held with the congregants meeting outside the church doors. Often a torch is carried into the darkened church, then the lights are slowly turned on, and the church has been magically “put back together” in all its glory and is ready for Easter Sunday. There is usually a feast of wonderful desserts after the joyous service.

I often talk and write about volunteering, especially at StarShine, and none of the above would happen without lots of volunteers. Dedicated people who make palm crosses on Palm Sunday, who carry things out of the church, polish the chalices, and arrange the flowers, then, see that everything is back in place by Saturday evening. Bless those people.

Now, about egg salad, I don’t have much to offer except to say that I love egg salad sandwiches and being Easter time we have many hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator. 

Happy birthday to my husband, egg salad, and I wish you all a blessed Easter Monday. 

By Lois Jamieson

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