Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Truth About School Administrators

An inspirational Kids Without Stuff story about the dedicated teachers at StarShine Academy:

I have been a school administrator for over 14 years and have had the opportunity to fill several roles, including Principal, Regional Manager, Special Education Director and now Superintendent. Through the years, I have come to realize that most people do not understand the commitment it takes to be a Principal or Assistant Principal at a school.

For example, Jan Parsons is the Assistant Headmaster at StarShine Academy’s Main Campus. I affectionately call her JP, since we both share the same first name. Her job description ranges from curriculum director to student counselor to maintenance person to teacher mentor. Most days she is the first to arrive and the last to leave. It seems that no matter what time I arrive at school, JP’s yellow truck is already there.
Jan Parsons, Assistant Headmaster at StarShine Academy

As Assistant Headmaster, Ms. Parsons is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the school, which entails, guiding teachers, ensuring that students progress academically, enrolling new students, supporting parents and making sure the school runs smoothly. I’m never quite sure where I will find her; sometimes I find her assisting a teacher, disciplining a student, helping in the cafeteria or unplugging a tiolet. I know that some days she leaves campus with a heavy heart after she has dealt with a family or child in crisis and some days she leaves with a smile on her face having successfully solved an issue in a classroom or with a parent.
Ms. Parsons, Assistant Headmaster - StarShine Academy
It takes an eminence about of strength and caring to be an administrator at a school, so thank you Ms. Parsons for your long hours and dedication to the students and teachers at StarShine.

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