Monday, June 25, 2012

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
More than once, we have adopted dogs, but never a cat. That doesn’t mean we have never had cats. We just haven’t adopted a cat, they just seem to show up at our door and we have purchased a few. Our family has had fabulous cats, when the children were youngsters.

We have owned several Siamese cats, which, I think, are the most interesting and intelligent. We had one cat that was a true calico, my sister-in-law, Carol Ann, fell in love with the cat, and talked me out of it. I knew the calico would have a good life with Carol Ann, so, tearfully we sent her to Florida where they both flourished.

My favorite cat of all time was a very large, sleek black cat. I named him Fonzie. He was the toughest cat I ever knew, but very loving.

Most of the cats we have owned just showed up at our door. One in particular, a tiny scared little girl, fell off a garbage truck and our son brought her home. She grew into a beautiful cat and had a handful of kittens, which she birthed in our son’s bed.

As an adult, our daughter, Jan, has only to open her door and there is a cat sitting there. They absolutely love her, and instinctually, find her and a good home.

As I wrote this post, I looked out of our arcadia door and, big surprise, there was a large black cat sunning himself against the block wall beside the grapefruit tree. He comes to visit now and then.

If you can care for a cat properly and provide a safe environment for it, by all means, think about adopting one.

By Lois Jamieson

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