Friday, June 1, 2012

June Holidays

Holidays in the Month of June

Fireworks Safety Month
International Accordion Awareness Month
June Dairy Month
National Rose Month
National Safety Month
Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month
Child Vision Awareness Month
Turkey Lover’s Month
National Rivers Month
National Soul Food Month

June Holidays – Day-by-Day

June 1 - Stand for Children Day
June 5 - First Balloon Flight and United Nations World Environment Day

June 6 - Anniversary of D-Day (Watch for an upcoming post!)
June 7 - Anniversary of the VCR
June 9 - Donald Ducks Birthday
June 10 - Anniversary of the Ball Point Pen
June 12 - Birthday of Anne Frank
June 13 – Anniversary of the First Roller Coaster
June 14 – Flag Day 
June 16 – World Juggling Day
June 17 – Father’s Day
June 18 – Splurge Day
June 21 – First Day of Summer
June 23 – Anniversary of the Typewriter

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