Friday, September 21, 2012

For The Love of Chocolate

A chocolate story

I admit it…. I do love chocolate.

My trouble is I only like milk chocolate. And - that is not the chocolate that is good for you. It seems that I am not alone in my choice.

A few weeks ago, in Denver, Colorado, a black bear stopped by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and helped himself to some tasty chocolate candy. The bear went in and out of the candy store multiple times, only using the front door and didn’t break a thing. He was especially partial to some chocolate-chip cookies dipped in caramel and milk chocolate called “cookie bears.”

The bear took the treats outside to eat them and then returned for more. He made seven trips in about 15 minutes. He did not even leave the wrappers, so it is assumed that he ate the paper as well as the candy. The store owner did not appear to be terribly upset. She said, “He was very clean and very careful. He ate a lot of candy.”

Gotta love that bear.

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