Friday, January 7, 2011

The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

by Jan Shoop and Lois Jamieson
This is the time of year when we all make New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us find our resolutions very hard to keep. Statistically speaking, only 8% to 15% of the New Year’s resolutions that are made are accomplished.  According to Time magazine the ten most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions are: lose weight and qet fit, quit smoking, learn something new, eat healthier and diet, get out of debt and save money, spend more time with family, travel to new places, be less stressed, and volunteer.  
Did you notice that all of these resolutions focus on you, except one…volunteer. Here is a new idea. Why not get out of the usual rut of resolutions?  Why not resolve to spend more time thinking about, praying for and perhaps reaching out to kids without stuff?
·         Think of the children in Juarez, Mexico, who not only have fire drills in school, but also have how to stay alive drills.
·         Think about the orphan children in Sub Saharan, Africa, whose parents have died of aids.
·         Think about the children we write about at StarShine. The dark headed girl whose father is in prison. The timid, fifth grade boy who has lost both parents, lived with an alcoholic grandmother, and now with his uncle and finally got a bed of his own last year.
·         Think of the high school girls who have been sexually abused in their own homes.
·         Think of the children who live in crowded apartments or trailers with broken windows.
·         Think of the children who got nothing for Christmas.
·         Think of the children who wear worn out shoes or have no shoes.
·         Think of the children who are hungry when they go to bed each night.
There are children all over the world who need a helping hand from a mentor, reading buddy, volunteer, donation or just someone to listen to them. We guarantee that if you try this resolution you will become a better person and who knows you might even lose a pound or two!