Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Meaning of RSVP

by Jan Shoop
Every Wednesday at StarShine Lois teaches the Manners Matters Club to elementary girls in the library. Manners Matters has been fondly nicknamed by the girls the M & M Club. Lois covers a wide variety of topics all on etiquette for teenagers and preteens. Today’s class was all about party invitations and most importantly what the initials RSVP stand for.
In today’s hurry up world many adults don’t know what RSVP means or how to respond to an invitation appropriately. But the girls in Lois’ Manners Matters Club know.
For those of you who have forgotten. . . RSVP, which is French, translates to repondez s’il vous plait or in plain old English, please let me know if you are coming. Responding to RSVP is a simple courtesy often forgotten.
Next time you receive an invitation take time to respond to the RSVP. Your host or hostess will be pleasantly surprised.