Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Courtesy and the Environment

This week I read an article in the newspaper that concerns both the environment and courtesy -- right up my alley.
by Lois Jamieson

It seems there is a skate park in Scottsdale that is having a trash problem. Not being a skater, I have no idea the size of this park. But, I read where it takes park employees about 2 hours a day to pick up empty bottles, candy wrappers and the like. That’s a lot of time spent picking up after the skaters when there are trees to be trimmed and safety features to be looked after. 

The city has now put up signs requesting that skaters take more responsibility picking up their own trash. Some of the people who use the park have been receptive and others disrespectful. The good news is that some of the skaters have been writing, in chalk, asking other skaters to be responsible. 

People who trash an area, that has been set aside especially for their pleasure, seem particularly stupid to me.

The next time you are using a city, state or national, park please remember these four words:
Kindness                Consideration                             Respect                               Courtesy

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