Monday, April 25, 2011

In Celebration of National Humor Month

When was the last time you laughed?

If it’s been awhile --
I thought I’d give you something to laugh about.
A conversation I had with my mom several months ago.

By Jan Shoop and Lois Jamieson

Mom and I had been setting goals for writing our book Kids Without Stuff and researching how to publish a book. One of the main points I discovered about how to get a book published is that you must have a strong platform. A good way to build a platform is with a blog. So, I got online and read all about blogs and set up our Kids Without Stuff blog.

Below is the conversation I had with my mom when I called her about the blog. (And remember she is 81 and didn’t know what a blog was.)

Jan -   “Mom, we need to write a blog!”
Lois - “What’s a blog?”
Jan -   “Turn on your computer.”
Lois - “It’s on.”     
Jan -   “Now go to your home page.
Lois -  My what?
Jan -   “You know….the internet.”
Lois - “Let’s see now…ah, here it is.”
Jan -   “Go to the bar at the top.”
Lois - “The top of what?”
Jan -   “The top of the page.  Type in with no spaces.”
Lois -  “Wait a minute, slow down. Remember, I’m from the generation of the crank telephone with five party lines. Let me see, okay, here it is, it says Bling.”
Jan -   “No, go to the very top of the page and type in what I told you.


Lois -  “It doesn't work.”
Jan -   “What did you type in?”
Jan -   “It’s”
Lois -  “Aren’t a spot and a dot the same thing?”
Jan -   “No, the spot is attached to the word blog, after the word blog put in a dot.”
Lois -  “Okay I’ve got it – www.kidswithoutstuffblogspotdotcom. Oops, it doesn’t work.”
Jan -   “Mom, think of it this way – a dot is a period.”
Lois -  “Now I’m really confused.  Is it a spot or a dot or a period?”
Jan -   “It’s just a dot!”
Lois -  “I think I’ve done it right, now what?”
Jan -   “Now hit Go.”

Jan -   “HIT GO!!!”
Lois -  “WOW, You’re a genuis …We’ve got our own blog.”

                                                AND NOW

·        Jan took her aspirin.
·        Lois became a techie and has her own blog –
·        Three books are in the works – Kids Without Stuff, Ageless At 80 and  Etiquette Boo-Boos.
·        Jan and Lois meet every Tuesday to discuss their books and expand their blogs. They consider it the highlight of their week.