Friday, April 1, 2011


by Lois JamiesonSix years ago when I began my volunteer work at StarShine, I had the good fortune to become friends with a wonderful woman. Her name is Maria.

Maria wears many hats at the school. She is an interpreter and the person who keeps the campus clean.  Maria keeps the kitchen spotless and serves lunch to the students. She is an aid in the kindergarten class. Maria is a good friend to all of the students while directing them and when they are working at group chores.  When the library was moving from one room to another (see the post Library Ala Carte) she helped move the books.

I like nothing better than going to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and a chat with Maria.  She always finds time for me. She has helped me so many times when I’m preparing for the Manners Matter Club or the Fashion/Etiquette Club. If I forget something she finds a substitute in her kitchen. She shares cookies and other good things to eat including her homemade tamales.

Even though Maria doesn’t always have “stuff” of her own, she shares what she has.

When Maria first learned that a school would open on the campus of her church, she volunteered to help in any way. She worked for no salary until the school was up and running.  It was important to her to have a “safe” place for the children in the neighborhood.

Even though Maria has two children of her own and is helping to raise a grandson, she finds time for others. Mara is always ready and willing to welcome visitors with her beautiful smile.

From Jan Shoop:
Mom wrote this post, but I feel compelled to add my “two cents.” During the years I was principal at StarShine, Maria always helped make my day easier. She brought me goodies from the kitchen, helped me with watering the garden and kept my office clean and spiffy.  As Angels go – Maria is one of the best!