Friday, July 29, 2011

The First Day of School

The first day of school is always a magical day for students and teachers. New students arrive at school both excited and fearful of the new school year. And -- New teachers arrive at school both excited and fearful of the new school year. There is a tremendous energy around a school on the first day. More parents visit than any other day of the year.
-- However, for the Principal, it is a day to survive, look back on and laugh.
In many ways, the first day of school is the most important day of the year. The first day of school sets the tone for the year. Here are a couple of adventures that I’ve had on the first day of school:
1.      All the students arrived with their backpacks, smiles and new uniforms, along with an additional 20 students who thought they enrolled, but forgot to fill out the required paperwork.
2.      Out of 25 kindergarten students, 2 speak English, 1 attended preschool, a couple can use scissors without cutting each other and 6 spent the morning crying and wanting to go home.
3.      We all met in the cafeteria for a first day greeting, but no one could find the microphone, so I used a bullhorn and stood on the picnic table.
4.      Two minutes before the opening bell, the health inspector showed up and wanted to visit the kitchen, drinking fountains, all the bathrooms and every hose spigot.
5.      The day started with the toilets flooding, no paper towels and the secretary arriving late and ends with three parents wanting to sell me Amway.
Welcome to a new year of school! May it be your best!
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