Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reflection on Visualizing

Today’s reflection is on Visualizing.
I’ve written several posts on visualizing and the power of creating vision maps. If you missed them here are the links: The Power of Intention - Part 1 and The Power of Intention - Part 2

However, today I’d like to share a story.
Tuesday a new student walked into school with a very bad attitude.

I’m not sure if he got up on the wrong side of the bed or he was just mad at the world. Anyway, he decided to take out his anger and frustration on everyone in the school. Several of the teachers spoke with him and he finally ended up in Trish McCarty’s office, the founder of StarShine Academy.
Sometimes when everyone else has given up, Trish seems to have a magical way of breaking through to a child. She is great at visualizing success for children. I walked into her office. She had just spoken to the student and he was sitting on a bench outside her door. Neither one of them looked very happy. Trish said, “I just can’t seem to get to him. I can’t get him to open up and believe in himself.” I suggested we contact the boy’s mother and Trish agreed.

After calling his mother, I continued on my daily round of visiting all the classrooms. I finished and walked back to check on the student. Trish saw me and pulled me into her office with a big grin on her face. She told me that after the boy sat outside her office for a few minutes he got up, knocked on her door and asked if he could come in. The student walked into her office, sat down and apologized for his outburst.

And then – Trish and the student had a great talk about visualizing success for his year and the future. I think this boy will end up being one of the leaders at the school.

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