Friday, August 19, 2011

No Boys Please

At the end of the school year we planned a graduation luncheon for the young girls in the Manners Matter Club. The girls planned the luncheon with great care. The menu they chose was pizza, lemonade, and strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice- cream. The luncheon would be served in the school cafeteria.
I was still feeling sorry that I could not find a volunteer to start a boys’ etiquette club, so I suggested that we might think about inviting the boys to our luncheon. I told the girls we could issue invitations and how much fun it would be.
The look on their faces, at this suggestion, told me that we better take a vote on this. The result was a resounding, “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” Then they spent the next ten minutes telling me why they didn’t like boys. 
I sure learned a lot about kids last year.
By Lois Jamieson
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