Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Handle Embarrassing Situations

This post is part two of Etiquette When Dining Out. Here are some tips on how to handle embarrassing situations:

What if I spill my water or food? First of all, use your napkin to keep the water, or other liquid from flowing onto your lap or on someone else’s. Let the server help with the rest. I once spilled an 8oz. glass of water on the table at a very fancy restaurant. In seconds, the server pulled our chairs out and moved us to another table. Let us hope that never happens to you. If you spill food be sure to pick it up with clean silverware.

What if I choke or sneeze at the table? You probably won’t choke if you are not talking and eating at the same time. Just do one or the other. If you have to sneeze or cough, turn your head away and you may use your napkin if you have to. Be sure to fold the napkin up before requesting a new napkin.

My soup is too hot. Don’t ever blow on your soup if it is too hot. It might end up at the other side of the table. Just wait patiently until it cools a bit.

Now go out to dinner and enjoy yourself! Bon Appetit!
By Lois Jamieson  

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