Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Etiquette and Safety Tips for Teens

Since Monday is Halloween we thought it would be nice to list some of our favorite Halloween Etiquette Tips for Teens:

1.      Be a good guest. If you are invited to a party, bring the host or hostess a small gift.
2.      Be sure your costume is appropriate for the event you are attending.
3.      Be a role model for younger kids. Halloween night can be scary for the little ones.

4.      Be respectful. Not everyone celebrates Halloween.
5.      Be kind to the houses you are visiting. If the lights are out at a house, skip it. If the lights are on, go ahead and ring the bell, but only once.
6.      Be courteous. Remember to say thank you and smile.
7.      Be safe. Walk with a parent, group of friends or older sibling and bring a flashlight.
8.      Be safe with food. Eat wrapped candy and goodies. Throw out unwrapped items.
9.      Be kind to yards. Walk on the sidewalk. Don’t run through flowerbeds or across the grass.

StarShine kids at the Halloween Harvest Festival

Most of all, enjoy the evening and have fun!
You’re never too late to celebrate Halloween!

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