Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Harvest Festival

The first year I was principal at StarShine Academy the students asked if they could have a Halloween Party. The fact that we were an inner city school with grades kindergarten through 12th and many ethnicities and religious values, I was not sure that would be such a good idea. However, I knew the younger students would love some type of fun activity or event.

I met with the StarShine High School Student Council and we decided to have a Harvest Festival instead of a Halloween party. The high school students would create, design and build a carnival for the younger students complete with booths and games. The junior high students would coordinate a potluck lunch with the parents. And the younger students would enjoy a safe, fun Halloween Carnival (or Harvest Festival). All the students and teachers dressed up in wonderful costumes.

The Harvest Festival became an annual StarShine event and one of the most fun and fulfilling. This year we will be celebrating our 9th Harvest Festival and I thought you would enjoy some photos from years past.


Happy Halloween!
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