Monday, December 19, 2011

Moving StarShine – Day 3

Last Wednesday was the StarShine Christmas party. StarShine was ‘adopted’ several years ago by the Self Realization Fellowship. The church members come every year and bring gifts, food and of course Santa. Many of our families have very little in the way of Christmas celebration or gifts. So – this is a huge and important event at StarShine.

The party started with snacks for all the students and then Santa arrived. Mr. Dan’s kindergarten class, Ms. Herendez’s 1st grade class and Mr. Blunck’s high school guitar class all preformed.

Then the visitors delivered gifts and Santa talked with each student. Even the high school students enjoyed sitting on Santa’s lap.

Back to the move… the movers finished putting all of StarShine’s belongings in the trucks. The campus looked very bare. It reminded me of when we first moved on to the property 10 years ago. When we moved in the property was vacant and had been for some time. There was trash, dirt and bugs in every classroom. All the rooms needed a good cleaning, painting and new carpet. There was no garden, no playground, and no awnings for shade.

After the first year, a group from Valley Partnership adopted the school as their project of the year. Over 400 volunteers arrived on a Saturday. They painted, cleaned, installed carpet, repaired air conditioning units, installed the garden, awnings and playground equipment, and the grass. They campus was completely renovated.

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