Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moving StarShine – Day 4

Last Thursday was a half day at school. Since StarShine was all packed, we took the students to Child’s Play to see Lyle the Crocodile. The kids loved the play. While they were away having fun, work continued at the school. The movers were struggling with the playground equipment, the sower sign and the peace pole. But – by the end of the day they had everything loaded in to trailers.

Dory Rockcastle (my assistant) and me.
Sowie on the Move

While I was at the school, I decided I would try to find some calendars Trish and I had bought in New York at the United Nations. They were accidently packed with all the stuff in Trish’s office.

I walked out to one of the big trailers that was filled with boxes and furniture, and asked the workers if they had seen any calendars. The men working were from Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS). In other words, they were homeless. They were very kind and helped me in every way they could as we climbed around in the inside of the trailer looking for the calendars.

We didn’t find the calendars, but I had one of those ‘aha’ moments as I was talking with them. Two of the men were Veterans, who had had trouble finding work and dealing with life when they returned from service in Iraq. One had been a Marine and one had been in the army. It made me very sad to think that these Veterans were living in a homeless shelter after all they had done for our country -- and very grateful for my life, home and family.

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