Monday, February 6, 2012

100th Monkey Breakfast and StarShine

On January 26, StarShine Academy celebrated its’ tenth 100th Monkey Breakfast. As far as I am concerned, it was one of the best, primarily due to Lynn Ericksson’s preparations, our well-behaved students, first class chefs and world-class speakers.

What is a 100th Monkey Breakfast?

The StarShine 100th Monkey Breakfast is based off Ken Keyes Jr. book titled, “The 100th Monkey.” In short, the 100th Monkey is a phenomenon in which a learned behavior spreads instantly from one group of monkeys to all monkeys and a critical mass is achieved.

StarShine adopted the theory and started the StarShine 100th Monkey Breakfast as a ‘thank you’ to all of the StarShine supporters who are spreading the StarShine philosophy and sowing StarShine seeds around the world.

This year we were honored to have 3 chefs volunteering with our students to create, serve and clean up breakfast. I walked into our kitchen around 7:30 to find the students studiously working with our guest chefs to prepare the breakfast. It was amazing to see Stephen Toevs, the Executive Chef with the Ritz Carlton, teaching students how to create an oven on top of the stove. And on the other side of the kitchen watch Ingrid, our other guest chef, instructing students on the preparation of the egg dishes.

We had about 100 people attend from many walks of life. TrishMcCarty welcomed everyone, Steve McCarty opened with a song and Vernon Swaback spoke about the new property. The highlight was when two parents, Regina Saldana and Janelle Ginter, spoke about StarShine. The two mothers explained how StarShine supported and nurtured their children and families. Frank Dawson’s class recited a wonderful and humorous poem. 

Whenever we have an event similar to this one, I am reminded that a school is more than a building where students attend class. A school is a community that is filled with like-minded supporters, volunteers, teachers, parents and students. A school like StarShine.

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