Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Moving StarShine – Day 5

On Friday, we delivered the trailers to the new StarShine campus, put up the sign, met the neighbors that live around the new StarShine, said ‘good-by’ to the old campus and held a Board Meeting. Quite a day!

Late in the afternoon, Trish McCarty, Lynn Ericksson, Tom Woodward and I went back to the old StarShine campus to say ‘good-by’ and say a prayer for the property and the neighborhood. We all held hands and stood around where the peace pole used to be, bowed our heads and each of us said a prayer for the property and the neighborhood.

It’s never a good idea to move a school, especially after 10 years. A school becomes part of a neighborhood and families depend on it always being there. However, when the church said we had to leave we knew we had no choice and we set out to find an even nicer campus, close to the old campus, that would support more students.

About 6 months ago, we found the perfect location. Over 3 acres on McDowell Road close to many of our families. We will be moving into a temporary facility for the rest of this school year as the developers build us new school buildings that will support 400 students. At the old campus, we only had room for 120 students.

After we prayed and said ‘good-by’ we drove to the new StarShine and sitting in the parking lot were the trailers holding all of our furniture, books, etc. We put up the sign and the new property became StarShine. 

It felt good to be on this new property with all of the opportunities it will give our students, such as new buildings, a large gym, bigger garden, beautiful classrooms and first class technology.

Here are some photos from the new property:
 Tom Woodward and Cowboy installing the temporary StarShine sign.

We are now on Christmas Break, and will start cleaning up the new StarShine, unloading the trucks and setting up the classrooms. Keep following to hear all the fun stories and adventures as we set up the school and get ready for second semester.

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