Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrift Shops, Milk Shakes and StarShine Girls

Volunteering and the StarShine Girls

I remember one fun adventure we had with the high school girl’s Fashion/Etiquette Club. Here, once again, we need to thank a St. Barnabas member, Linda Killmer, president of the Assistance League of Arizona. She suggested the girls might enjoy a trip to the Assistance League’s thrift shop in Phoenix, where they could learn how to make good clothing purchases. My partner Ann and I and the girls, all thought it was a great idea. Linda set the day for the visit and we were ready to go thrifting.

We had two cars full of laughing teenage girls with two 80-year-old sponsors. Linda greeted us and gave the girls a tour of the store, showing them how to make smart fashion buys. I felt right at home at the thrift shop – I’ve always loved shopping for a bargain. You never know what treasures you might find. 

Many thanks to Linda for taking time from her busy schedule to spend time with the girls.

On the way back to StarShine, we all agreed we were hungry. We made an unscheduled stop at a fast food restaurant. Everyone ordered food, and before we were able to pay for their food, they paid for their own, and all chipped in to buy Ann and me milk shakes. I think it was the best milk shake I ever had, sitting there with these wonderful Latino teen-age girls, listening to their chatter.

Ann, who is a very talented and well-known artist, was an enormous help for two years, planning and working with the girls. She taught the girls how to exercise by dancing, which had us all laughing hysterically. She bought beautiful scarves for them and gave advice to the girls who were interested in art. We had a great visit to her art studio. Those are stories for another time. Keep reading; you never know when they will pop up. Without her help, the club wouldn’t have been so well rounded.

I am not able to offer the high school girls an Etiquette/Fashion Club this year. I miss it…maybe next year.

By Lois Jamieson

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