Tuesday, April 17, 2012

National Volunteer Week – Thoughts and Websites

Volunteering, a way of life...

Inspirational Thoughts About the Joys of Volunteering

I’ve been told that this is National Volunteer Week. I don’t know who in the government sits around dreaming up all these special days, weeks, months. But, I do know that this one is very dear to my heart.

Volunteering, as a way of life, is a wonderful way to help yourself by giving your precious time to others in need. When you reach out to a person, animal or organization that is requesting your help, it makes you feel good. If you are a “senior,” say over 65, volunteering is a way to stay young. I know that I receive many blessings from volunteering at StarShine Academy.

Millions of people do volunteer today. With unemployment being such a problem at this time, many of those who are looking for a job use their time to volunteer. A zillion places need volunteers from animal shelters to the police department. I have had the privilege of being able to volunteer, at schools when my children were young, for the Red Cross, in the Head Start Program in the 60’s, for the Episcopal Church, the Heard Museum in Phoenix, The Arizona Center for the Blind and now at StarShine.

Here are several great websites that support volunteering:

Most of my friends have spent the better part of their life volunteering.  To my friends and all the other volunteers I’d like to say, “THANK YOU!”

By Lois Jamieson

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