Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thank Your School Librarian Day

StarShine’s Volunteer School Librarian

We’ve rounded up another interesting holiday and one that is near and dear to my heart – ‘Thank Your School Librarian Day’. This holiday falls in April, although the exact day varies from website to website. It does not really matter to me what the exact day is as long as we take a moment to thank all of the School Librarians who read to students and who keep our school libraries beautiful.

I would personally like to thank, my mom (Lois) and blog partner, who is StarShine’s longtime volunteer librarian. Lois and her assistant volunteers have spent countless hours in the last 7 years organizing the library, cataloging the library, donating books, moving the library and reading to the students. Without Mrs. Jamieson, the StarShine Librarian, the students at StarShine probably would not have enjoyed the pleasures of a school library.

So – Thank you mom, Lois, Mrs. Jamieson for all you do for the StarShine Library and students at StarShine!

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