Friday, May 18, 2012

National Museum Month

Some comments on National Museum Month

Thinking about May being National Museum Month brought memories of some of the very special museums I have had the good fortune to visit.  Here are a few, in no special order, with a few comments:

This museum has always been special to me. When Jan and her brother were children, we spent many weeks in the summer in San Diego. Of course, they always wanted to go to the zoo.  And… we did, but we always stopped at the National History Museum before entering the zoo. I have great memories of those summer holidays. They became even more special when my twenty-seven year old grandson, who lives in San Diego, told me that he often visits the same museum and how much he enjoys it.

Maritime Museum ofBritish Columbia – British Columbia, Canada 
This was one of the most fascinating and well-designed museums I have ever toured. I found the maritime displays magnificently displayed.

Smithsonian, ChineseMuseum - Washington, D.C.
I had the very scary privilege of visiting this museum. ‘Scary’ because I am very claustrophobic, and when I entered the museum, I realized that it was seven stories….down. I managed to make it through and discovered wonderful ancient Chinese treasures. It was well worth my claustrophobic moments.

Louvre Art Museum - Paris, France 
The Louvre was absolutely breath taking as I walked in stocking feet, as required at that time, through this magnificent museum. I most especially enjoyed standing before the Mona Lisa painting.

In the Department of Mineral Sciences, I was able to view the Hope Diamond in all its glory.

Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris, France 
I’m not sure this can be called a ‘museum’, but it seemed very much like one to me. I am probably the only person who lost a contact lens at this historic edifice.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of some of the wonderful museums I have visited. Do yourself a favor and tour a museum in May.

By Lois Jamieson

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