Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Holidays and Celebrations

August Holidays and Websites

Holidays in the Month of August
National Inventors Month
Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
National Water Quality Month
Admit You’re Happy Month

August Holidays – Day-by-Day

August 1-7       International Clown Week
August 1          Anniversary of the World Wide Web
August 2          Anniversary of the Official Signing of the Declaration of Independence
August 3          Columbus Sailed for the New World
August 4          Coast Guard Day
August 5          National Mustard Day
August 6          National Kids Day
August 7          Anniversary of the Purple Heart
August 9          National Underwear Day
August 10        Anniversary of the Founding of the Smithsonian Museum
August 12        United Nations International Day of Youth
August 14        Anniversary of the Social Security Act
August 15        Anniversary of the Completion of the US Transcontinental Railroad
August 17        Sandcastle Day
August 18        Anniversary of the Mail Order Catalog
August 19        National Aviation Day
August 22        Be an Angel Day
August 25        Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz
August 25-31   Be Kind to Humankind Week
August 26        National Dog Day
August 28        Anniversary of the First Radio Commercial

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