Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspirational People - Mary

A Woman Named Mary

When I became a member of my church, St. Barnabas on the Desert, I had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people. At the same time, I began my seven years of volunteer service at an inner city school. As part of my work at the school, I needed to find talented, dedicated individuals, who would agree to volunteer. At St. Barnabas I found a gold mine. One of these nuggets of gold was a woman named Mary.

Mary is one of the extraordinary people who shared their time and expertise with the at-risk students at this school. Mary tutored students in math once a week. How very fortunate to have such a talented person volunteering her time, working with these below poverty level students.

Mary’s background includes a PhD in Micro Biology and minors in both math and chemistry. For a period of her life, she was a professor at a prestigious college. She was able to move students along quite rapidly, and they loved her because she made it fun.

In Mary’s words, “This is a wonderful school where students respond to tutoring very quickly. It is a lot of fun working with these kids.” 

To understand Mary’s dedication to others, you need to know that she spends many hours in volunteer service to other organizations. Just one of these is the St. Barnabas Annual Mexican Medical Mission. Mary coordinates the mission, and once a year, Mary travels to Mexico, where she works with others, providing medicine and other supplies to the needy.

Mary is truly an inspiring person.

By Lois Jamieson

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