Tuesday, August 7, 2012

National Catfish Month

August is National Catfish Month

I am not sure who decided to name August the National Catfish Month, but it did set me thinking about the last time I ate catfish and other fine foods.

Fried catfish falls into the category of the best food I have had in the South.

The best fried catfish I ever ate was in Pompano, Florida. There was this small shack of a restaurant in a very scary neighborhood. They had great catfish and hushpuppies. My husband and our two children often ate there, with my mother-in-law, when we visited her. As we got close to the area of the catfish house, Jim’s Mom would shout, “Lock the doors and put up the windows.” It was always worth the ride, in a tank, to eat that catfish.

The best conch chowder I ever had was a specialty of the Pelican Pub (now closed) in Pompano Beach, Florida. I liked it so much I always carried some back to Arizona.

The best turtle soup I ever slurped, was in Key West, Florida. That was when I was single and not too smart.

The best grits I ever ate can be found at any restaurant from Georgia to Florida. Arizonians just do not know how to make grits.

By Lois Jamieson

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