Monday, September 10, 2012

Special Days in September

September Holidays

I am sure we are all aware that Labor Day and the Day of Remembrance of 9/11, fall in September. But …. Did you know about these special days and monthly observances in September?

National Honey Month
Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month
Self Improvement Month

Johnny Appleseed’s birthday (9/2)
Grandparents Day (3rd Sunday after Labor Day)
International Day of Peace (9/22)

Do you know that the flower for September is the Astor? The Astor is a talisman of love and signifies patience. The Astor is named after a star.

Do you know the birthstone for September is the sapphire?  It is believed the birthstone concept arose from the breastplate that Aaron wore, as described in the Bible.  It had 12 stones that each represented a tribe of Israel.