Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Motivation to Exercise More

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
Agatha Christie

Jan is always after me to exercise more. I told her I walk a lot, (in the grocery store, the mall, and around the house.) I also told her that I dance in the kitchen any chance I can get.
Lois dancing in the Kitchen
She hasn’t been too impressed by my answer, but I think I just got her attention.

I recently formed the Club 80. The club is composed of me (83), her father (83), and a friend, Dick (88). Dick is my husband’s golf buddy, a widower, who dines at the Jamieson table every Monday evening. On one such evening, I realized that we were all moaning about our lack of exercise. I decided, right there and then, to stop our complaining and do something  positive about it. I challenged the men to join me in forming the Club 80. Dick was excited and up-beat about the idea. While we chattered away planning our commitment, my husband sat in his reclining chair, shaking his head and wondering if we had lost our minds. We forced him to become a member, and he acquiesced.

We cleverly called, our motivation to exercise, Club 80. Here is the plan. We agreed to exercise five days a week. Two days we do TaiChi, one day a week we speed walk in the pool, one day we walk, and one day we dance. How simple is that?

I think Jan should be very proud of us. I am. 

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