Monday, August 15, 2011

The Boys’ Club

When we started the 3rd – 6th grade girls’ Manners Matter Club, to our delight, every girl eagerly joined. We met, with some schedule adjustments with their teachers, from 11:30 to 12:45. The girls readily gave up part of their lunch and playground time to attend the class. They all really enjoyed the class. The girls showed up on time, had perfect attendance and took notes. We also had a lot of fun.
Shortly after we began, the teachers told us how happy they were for the girls, but the boys in the class were upset because they didn’t have a club. I told them I would try to find a volunteer to teach a boys etiquette club. Well, I didn’t have any luck in finding the right person willing to take this on. I had known most of these boys since kindergarten or first grade and I hated to let them down.
A week or so later the girls told me the boys had started a club of their own. I had no idea what their ‘club’ was about, but I gave them a lot of credit for solving their problem.
I later discovered that they convinced their teachers they should have the same time the girls had. So, while the girls’ Manners Matter Club was meeting, the Boys’ Club was also meeting – which meant they were watching movies and having snacks.
Gotta love these kids.
by Lois Jamieson
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